Turning Ideas Into business

M2G is an innovation-led business accelerator driven by a mission to provide sustainable & futuristic solutions

About Us

Creating Innovative Solutions

As a subsidiary of BFG International, M2G’s proteges benefit from the parent company’s broad geographic footprint and advanced product development and engineering capabilities.  To find out more about BFG International, please visit www.bfginternational.com.

M2G has its own portfolio of unique and innovative product concepts which it develops into fully-fledged self-sustaining businesses. These businesses aim to address the world’s changing energy and water requirements.

Investing in Technology Startups

M2G invests in promising local and international startups which work in the areas of renewable energy and storage; wastewater treatment; industrial IoT (Internet of Things); virtual and mixed reality; and digital or gamified learning platforms.  

Anyone with an idea or a proposal in such areas is welcome to present it to M2G for evaluation. Once found to be viable, M2G will nurture it into a successful business by raising funding, attracting the right personnel, and building a clear and communicable strategy to transform ideas into reality. 

Growing Existing Companies Towards International Presence

M2G seeks providers of innovative products or services which are aligned with its core philosophies of sustainability and digitisation. M2G partners with these businesses and empowers them to expand their geographic reach and sales volumes by representing them through BFG International’s global network.  

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